GPS is accredited for PCI – DSS certificate

Global Payment Services Company (GPS) is accredited and certified again for payment card industry-Data Security standards ( PCI-DSS). PCI DSS is a globally accepted security standard adopted in the payment card industry to secure sensitive cardholder information during transmission and storage.

PCI DSS audit is an annual process, which is very important aspect of our business to ensure that we meet the compliance and protecting of our systems and clients’ information in accordance with latest internationally accepted security standards. Ali Arab GPS General Manager said “We have been working with SISA for the past three years, which has been a wonderful and very beneficial experience in providing the highest level of security compliance.” SISA Chief Executive Mr. Dharshan Shanthamurthy said “PCI DSS Compliance, one of the most stringent security standards in the world. The industry-wide standard aims to increase protection for customers against card fraud by limiting exposure of secure data for both online and offline transactions. I would like to appreciate the commitment that GPS has shown to security throughout our partnership for the past three years. I am glad that SISA’s “security first” approach is helping GPS in their business like many other global customers of SISA.”

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