Mr. Younis Al Mutawa

Head of Information Security

Experience: Over 21 Years

Mr. Younis Al Mutawa has over 21 years of experience in information Technology and Cybersecurity across industrial and banking sectors and held different positions related to Information Technology and Cybersecurity. Prior to joining GPS, Younis held the position of Information Security Officer at Garmco Bahrain. In that role, he contributed to, and developed, Garmco’s Cybersecurity Strategy.
Currently serving as (Head of Information Security) at GPS, Younis varied expertise gives him a broad outlook on the field. He brings with him considerable experience across Information Security, Risk and Compliance, Business Continuity, and Information Technology.
Mr. Younis holds an MBA from the University of Malaysia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from University of Bahrain. In addition, he has a range of professional certificates related to the field plus his participation in several Cybersecurity training courses and events.

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